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Welcome to Anointed Believers Church International (aka) Action Chapel.

The Lord promised to do something extra-ordinary in 2015 within Anointed Believers Church Int'l that will affect the body of Christ positively.

Hence am persuaded this year (2015) that we will witness series of Incredible Possibilities in our lives, families, ABC and the body of Christ in general.

Therefore, expect to encounter miracles of Incredible Possibilities of births, dedications of new houses, cars, International businesses, promotions and global church growth explosions with undeniable signs and wonders this year.

My prayer and advice to everyone of us here is to get prepared and be expectant because, when expectation meets with preparation miracle is inevitable.

In line with this divine directive, the church is asking everyone to key into this Incredible Possibilities of God by contributing towards her expansion projects. 1 Chron. 29:2-3, Eccl. 9:10.

My prayer is that all of us that are opportune to hear or read through this will partake of God's Incredible Possibilities in 2015 .... Amen.

As you meticulously follow our programmes for the year without fail, you will be counted among the best in your career/business or profession in Jesus name.

To purchase this book, How to Overpower the Unseen Forces by the General Overseer

of Anointed Believers Church Int'l, contact us on the address or phone numbers below.

Our Contacts

Anointed Believers Church International

34, Church Street Omiyale Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 8166610955, +234 8067452489, +234 8190443525

E-mail: vision2014@anointedbelieverschurchintl.org



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